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Someone please comfort him by Phantom223
Someone please comfort him
Frank Bannister is a grieving emo asshole who just needs to be cuddled plz help him.
I watched the frighteners a few days ago and it's pretty neat ;v;
Gay Old Men by Phantom223
Gay Old Men
did i ever mention that I'm in love with the three future marty's that appear in chapter 5? 
i actually headcannon this marty to be 'martin' from the citizen brown episode, due to the similarity in clothing and just how neat and tidy he looks in comparison to the two other marty's.  Plus, he just seems like a HUGE square B)
Edgy Marty by Phantom223
Edgy Marty
In the last chapter of the bttf game, a lot of marty's from alt dimensions arrive. One of them is this edgy looking marty who's a typical tough-guy who likes to bully the other marties. but I bet deep down he's a big softy who just want to be loved
Are you gonna be okay, Onyx? by Phantom223
Are you gonna be okay, Onyx?
"No!" :D
i really liked the latest stevenbomb, peridot has really developed as a character and her facial expressions are just priceless. I had an attempt at redrawing one of her expressions from the episode "Log 7 15 2' using my gemsona, Onyx. Who's just a huge thantophobic wreck. I feel like her and Peridot would be friends. 
Terraria character sprite redraw by Phantom223
Terraria character sprite redraw
I did a sketch a while back of my Terraria Character (whom I named Tadashi). and recently I was recommended medibang paint pro by a friend so i took the old sketch and played around with a few of the brushes/pens on it. It's a pretty neat art software.
I've deleted all my old puppet master stuff. Not because I'm over PM far from it; the franchise holds a special place in my heart and I still love all the characters. I just wanted to start on a new block and show everyone how I've improved. If you want me to remake something- ask me politely please. 
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New Zealand

Hello there, my name is Phantom.
I am a young lady from New Zealand who enjoys drawing things.

-My Da family-

:iconkiller-puppets: - mama
:iconsketching-eclipse: - the insane aunt
:iconwolflover22632: - the sister who died and now is haunting the house
:iconbunnyboo98: - my twin sister
:iconnewgrounds-people: - That person that sleeps under my bed

You do not have to thank me for llama badges, although it is a nice thought I'm just reaturning the favour by thanking you for the faves. Or I just think you deserve a badge~

Roleplay Stamp by Mew-Sempai New Zealand Deviant by Miho-Nosaka-stamps I support myself... by flammingcorn Have You Touched Your Wenis? by Trickster91On my bed by prosaixI suck at maths by prosaixAnti Art Theft Stamp by ZeiphexOr, Hell, Even Possibly Gay, or a Trans Guy by endlerStamp- Depression by Dametora

:iconaskgayzalgo: - Favourite lord of corruption who is very very gay

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elfmoon3 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Rosa: -flipping threw channels and stops at the news in shock-

MJ: -enters with her sippycup in hand, and sees her older sisters disturbed face- what's wrong?

Rosa: -points at the tv- it...she's not....I don't....mum, dad, ya guys might want to see this

Jane: -enters the room- what's wrong sweetie? -sees two tornados, and one of them made her jaw drop- oh my god

MJ: why is aunt Meagan a pony....and on fire, and in that swirly thing 

news woman: America experience strange weather today, as a tornado hit New Mexico in the begining of winter, the city known as Insanity USA was about to be hit by this odd weather, when one of the co-leaders of F.R.E.E.Z.E.I.T. Meagan Walker put an end to this violent storm by making her own tornado out of blue fire, and here I thought we get those types of weather here in the outback, but looks like the United States might have bits of the same thing

Jane: I can't believe it
Phantom223 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mark: *he gives a nervous chuckle* At least she saved the area.

Dundy: Yer aunt's a really powerful being, kiddo. She can take on a lotta forms, travel through dimensions, cast all sorts of spells..crazy stuff. Maybe when yer older she'll teach you.

Dee: *in bandages, still recovering from the last attack* W-What's all the racket for? *looks at the TV* Oh. Shit..Megs been busy, huh? 
elfmoon3 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Rosa: and to think, she couldn't get much more cooler
Phantom223 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mark: heh, yeah 

Dee: She sure knows how to kick ass. Broke my nose, fractured my arm and knee..Haven't been able to do much..

Dundy: Speaking of which, you shouldn't be outta bed. Drake will freak again if he sees you.

Dee: Relax. I'm on morphine and pain killers. I can't feel a fuckin' thing at the moment. 
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elfmoon3 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
S'up bitch

Jane: what do you want

Me: whoa did someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning

Rosa: MJ wouldn't stop crying

Me: that's because her uncle is a human/sloth hybrid who is as horny as fuck 24/7 and can get pretty violent, btw, guess who got laid

Jane: I didn't know Chris had it in him

Me: ppppffffffttt haha hahaha it was not your brother, it was this dude named Johnny, that guy plowed my ass hard

Rosa: -covers her ears- lalalalalalalalalalala tmi, child in the room

Me: then go back in bed

Rosa: -goes to her room-

Jane: sooo is this Johnny cute?

Me: beyond that, he is the definition of sexy in my eyes, strong muscles including crotch muscle, beautiful color eyes, handsome face, dark, and knows how to get a girl like me to her wild side
Phantom223 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dundy: Wot an' when did oi do this? Oi haven't been with anyone fer a long toime..*he sighs* oi've settled down since oi've gotten kids. All oi did last noight was read to my kids and go to sleep..*looks over at me* yew alroight, sheila?

*Bright red and internally screaming from the conversation* F-Fine..Swell..J-Just fine! *pulls hoodie over face*

Dundy: an' she's flustered. Noice...wait meagan...does that mean yew an' chris are in an open relationship or did you two brake up?? 
elfmoon3 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Me: Chris is just my partner, the only romantic thing we ever do is a blood bond, Johnny and I fuck each other, so this little girl you know and pretty much as well hate is no longer a virgin (in that reality) and that my dear dundy is why you lost that chance with me the day we met

Jane: whoa whoa whoa whoa, you knew this would happen?

Me: yup, I thought it was just a feeling, but then I realized that I'm a philosopher, you know like those old guys during the ancient times, including that one guy who gave the name to that famous church in France, speaking of which, did y'all heard what happened there?

Jane: -looks down feeling sad- yeah

Rosa: -came back and threw a stuff animal at me- don't you ever mention about that again, one of me cousins haven't been the same after she heard that terrorists attack on Paris,France

Me: hey my femspy who has the same name as that city didn't liked it either, including me, I hated terrorists ever since I've heard of 9/11 that was near my birthday, if people like ISIS ever thought of attacking another innocent city or county, then those guys are making a huge mistake, earth is our planet, and people like them need to learn to share, cause if someone messes with my country, they are going to enter a world of pain
Phantom223 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dundy: oi was never interested in anyone under aged. Oi love kids...oi used ta be an imaginary friend, ya know.

Dee: *he walks past, smoking* yea, I'm with rosa on this one. It's a pretty rough subject to talk about. some people need time ta get over this sorta stuff *he pulls out a flask, taking a swig* trust me on this... I should know.
(1 Reply)
elfmoon3 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Happy birthday 
Phantom223 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks heaps 
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